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The Rules

First of all, I would like to say welcome. This is my first time moderating an RPG and I hope I do a good job, any help would be great ;) I know the layout isn't much for now... but hopefully will get better in the future.

Every RPG has to have rules... so here they are!

1. Submit an application. It’s that easy, find it at http://community.livejournal.com/ooc_evidence. If we like what we see, you can RP with us!
2. No age limit is required, but be sure to realize this is an adult show and
the RP could come in contact with adult content.
3. NO SLASH. Let’s keep it as clean as possible. If you want to hook up your
characters, and it is fine with both players, go for it, but no detail is
4. Only one character per player.
5. No crossovers, yet. We are strictly Vegas for now.
6. Original Characters are welcome, just make them ORIGINAL. Not the usual
crap, or we’ll likely turn you down. Give us plenty of reasons why your
character is better than others.
7. All OOC talk should be done in the Staff Room or on AOL Messenger.
8. This is a posting RP, not a commenting RP.
9. No fighting, except while in character.
10. Pay attention to canon.
11. The mods hold the right to ask someone to leave the RP if we have a
strong reason why.
12. Let us know if you will be leaving for any reason, we’ll fill in for you.
If you don’t write for two weeks without notice, you are subject to be
kicked out.
13. Don’t post for another person unless you have that person’s permission.
14. Have fun, be creative.
15. All entries should be under a cut.
16. The mods, along with the Grissom character are the only ones who can
approve and allow case profiles. If you have an idea, let one of us know,
and we'd be glad to see if it'll work out. If one is started that was NOT
approved, it will be deleted along with any posts that are involved.
17. Each character has their own specific duties to this RP, which will be
given when someone is approved. Please follow these.

Write with any questions csifreaky@gmail.com
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